Mission, Vision and Values

ALCAST is guided by its mission, vision and core values. We believe that these principles greatly strengthen our culture, customer service and business strategy.


To become a bench mark manufacturing company and achieve excellence in quality service. Also to expand in new segments and new geographies with passion.


To expand and continually improve utilizing quality practices and to exceed our customer expectation through competitive costs and efficient delivery.


Our values keep us make the right decisions and guide our daily working behavior. ALCAST’s shared values are:

  1. Ethical Behavior
    Each one of us commits to act with integrity and honesty in all the situations, and we take personal responsibility for the actions.
  2. Teamwork
    All people in ALCAST are part of a team, bearing from and respecting each other. Our team is dedicated to continuously improving the products, service and process by cooperating and learning from all situations.
  3. High Performance
    We are committed to achieving a superior level of performance in everything we do. To maintain technical excellence, by taking maximum advantage of emerging technologies and providing staff with the knowledge skills and equipment to improve customer service and lowering costs.
  4. Innovation
    Continually seek out and implement value added technology in products, processes, services and systems that sustainably differentiate us from our competitors.
  5. Quality
    We strive to perform an excellent level in everything we do. We are reliable. We are committed to producing and delivering products to the highest possible every time. We always support and encourage the sharing of ideas, insight and experiences to continually improve our products, processes and capabilities for the benefit of our customers.
  6. Concern for Others
    To be alert and responsive, by monitoring and understanding the changing needs of clients or people within the organization.